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At MUSWAY, those who are looking for great-sounding products will find what they are looking for. MUSWAY stands for “Music is the Way” and is meant to symbolize that the company founders understand music as part of their lifestyle and culture, which ultimately led to the motto of the company. Uncompromisingly good sound can always be seen as an ideal and it is therefore not surprising that all MUSWAY employees are passionate about music with the goal of producing high-quality products for sophisticated music reproduction. They share this passion for music with many others around the world, which unites all music fans in an almost simple and likeable way.


The young brand inspired the market in the early years with high-quality Hi-Res audio players, which reproduce the music without the usual quality losses - the so called lossless playback. As a consequence of this success, MUSWAY dedicated itself to the development of high-quality digital sound processors (DSP), which quickly became the focus of the product philosophy. As a further consequence, the first Class D power amplifiers with DSP processors were developed in 2015, which were presented to a wider audience internationally in 2018 for the first time. Already at the debut, the two DSP power amplifiers tested in the Car & Hifi showed what they are capable of: The innovative 6-channel amplifier M6 placed itself effortlessly as “Best Product” in the top class, the 8-channel model D8 convinced even more and moved easily with top ratings into the “Absolute Top Class”. MUSWAY has since then stood for finest sound and modern technology for sound enthusiasts.



Thanks to the high-end philosophy of understanding for high quality and best sound, MUSWAY and its European distributor AUDIO DESIGN have created products in their current form and function. Especially the DSP amplifiers are in this dialogue subjected to a constant process of optimization. Today, the D8 is now available as v2 version, which can now be extended very user-friendly like the M6 ​​via USB Bluetooth adapter to enable the audio streaming function or the convenient APP control for tablets or smartphones. This is how digital sound processing of today works. To the aforementioned DSP power amps, MUSWAY suitably developed the mini-power amp P2. If you want to take full advantage of the DSP channels of the M6 ​​or D8, you can easily add two active channels in the twinkling of an eye! Especially the good technical and tonal qualities were also noticed by the test editor Elmar Michels, who put P2 to the acid test in the Car & Hifi issue 6/2018. He noted: “The fact that a power amp chip just delivers a bandwidth up to 60 kilohertz (!), is anything but taken for granted ... This also stands for the tonal performance, because even here the Little One shows greatness”



An enthusiasm only becomes valuable when it can be converted into practice. From this point it is usually complicated, but often technically insurmountable hurdles set a premature end to the theoretical ideal. It was at least in the last millennium, when amplifiers with good sound and great performance could hardly be accommodated in small cars. Apart from the power consumption these wattage monsters had, they brought a battery easily to Exitus. But that’s not all: if you compare the digital MUSWAY amplifiers presented here with the features, the difference would be at least as great as comparing an 80’s dial phone with a modern day smartphone. So, if you plan to get the well-stocked classic amp out of the basement to fit into your new vehicle, we would advise not to do so. You would probably have limited enjoyment.


Modern amplifiers in the style of the MUSWAY interpretation are “digital” sound machines bursting with style and the latest technology. Imagine that you had your own recording studio to optimally adjust the sound of your speakers. Do you have the picture in front of you? Several mixers on different levels with different controls and sound channels? Maybe you can imagine that with such an arsenal of settings you can actually get the best sound out of any speaker. Such was the basic idea of ​​the developers, as DSP technology has found its way into modern amplifiers.


Exactly this topology was implemented in the MUSWAY DSP amplifiers, in the smallest of spaces and with the latest processor technology. Basically, it’s about optimally reproducing the natural sound, as stored in a good recording. As trivial as it sounds, it can be so difficult in practice. Just as there is a problem with the recording of music, it also exists when playing, especially when the speakers are not optimally placed in the vehicle or other acoustic obstacles stand in the way of good sound reproduction. Especially with such problems, the MUSWAY processed amplifiers play their full potential. All parameters can be set perfectly, and with a technically extremely high fidelity, which previously thought to be impossible.




The slogan “TECHNIK FÜR KLANGBEGEISTERTE” (literally: “technology for sound enthusiasts”) is program at MUSWAY. This becomes particularly clear when you take a closer look at the high-end hi-fi components of the power amplifiers. This way, highly efficient Class D technology is used, and each channel pair can also be switched to mono, which makes it particularly easy to connect subwoofers. Even more important as a function, however, is the sound: in countless listening sessions, the individual components have been fine-tuned so that even the most critical listeners get their money’s worth. In the past, it was often the case that especially processor output stages had technically high competence, but the sound fell by the wayside. Not so with the modern MUSWAY amplifiers: High functionality combined with the highest sound quality. It does not matter whether simple factory speakers are beefed up acoustically, or whether everything is retrieved from retrofitted, higher-quality speakers with the countless control options. In the latter case, the result is of course much better. Thanks to DSP, virtually any corrections can be clearly arranged. Whether frequency correction, Q-factor, time alignment, phase shift or extensive switch configurations, the sonic non plus ultra becomes possible in the first place. If you are satisfied with less, you are wrong here.




The MUSWAY portfolio now includes not only DSP amplifiers and processors, the passionate inventors from the MUSWAY sound lab also expanded the product range to include speaker systems, subwoofer enclosures and related accessories. They showed the same dedication and meticulousness that was celebrated in the development of the DSP amplifiers. When designing these brand new products, only the finest components and innovative materials were used, which more than just pays off in balanced and outstanding sound characteristics, as well as power performance and longevity. The loudspeakers and subwoofers are made of high-quality components and not only appeal in terms of price/performance, but in particular their sound persuades across the board. Thanks to the extensive range of powerful and optimally tuned sound transducers, nothing stands in the way of the complete MUSWAY components in your vehicle sound system. Let yourself be inspired by a listening test!

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