The History

MUSic is the WAY - sound without compromise. For 10 years, the MUSWAY brand has stood for simply beautiful audio components with virtuosic music reproduction in vehicles. Musical, tech-savvy, enthusiastic about sound: these are the attributes that describe the inspiring people behind the ever-growing MUSWAY product range. All of them experienced as well as successful product and brand developers, they once fulfilled their dream of an exquisite range of modern car audio components, which, in terms of technology and equipment, meet the highest audiophile demands and at the same time decent elegance. The fact that international market success, great enthusiasm from the press and coveted awards were not lacking is a true evidence of the mature orientation of the MUSWAY brand.


The Philosophy

High-end audio philosophy and the highest understanding of quality led to the cooperation between MUSWAY and AUDIO DESIGN. This is how the products in their current form and function were created and continue to be created. In particular, the DSP amplifier series are continuously being supplemented and perfected in constant dialogue. Versions are now available that can be expanded to include audio streaming or convenient APP control for tablets or smartphones in an extremely user-friendly manner via a USB Bluetooth adapter. This is how digital sound processing is fun. For the DSP amplifiers in the classic format, MUSWAY developed a suitable compact and the tiny mini amplifier P2, which is recommended as a perfect power upgrade: If you want to make full use of the DSP channels of the MUSWAY DSP amplifier series, you can use the P2 in no time at all add two active channels! Such technical and tonal tricks underline the MUSWAY philosophy of achieving great things with small, smart strokes of genius.


The Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm only shows its value when it can be put into practice. It becomes complicated as soon as technically insurmountable hurdles bring the theoretical ideal to a premature end. At least that's how it was in the last millennium, when amplifiers with good sound and high performance could hardly be accommodated in more compact vehicles and certainly not in small cars. Apart from the power consumption, because these watt monsters easily killed some batteries. But not only that: if you were to make a comparison to the digital MUSWAY amplifiers presented here in terms of equipment, the difference would be at least as big as comparing a telephone with a rotary dial from the eighties with a smartphone from today. Anyone planning to pull a well-seasoned amp out of the basement these days to install it in a new, modern vehicle is likely to be disappointed. MUSWAY provides product proof of what the latest digital technology and innovative components can do in combination with decades of car audio development experience. Here, car drivers with an affinity for music will find the right product for every listening taste and practically every generation of vehicle. This is how great performance works with contemporary functionality and size!



The Interpretation

Modern amplifiers in the style of the MUSWAY interpretation are "digital" sound machines that are bursting with equipment and the latest technology. Imagine you had your own recording studio in order to be able to optimally adjust the sound of your loudspeakers. Do you have the picture in front of you? Multiple mixers at different levels with different controls and audio tracks? Perhaps you can imagine that with such an arsenal of adjustment options, you can actually get the best sound out of any speaker. This is how you can imagine the vision of the developers when DSP technology found its way into modern amplifiers. Exactly this topology was implemented in MUSWAY DSP amplifiers, in a very small space and with the latest processor technology. Basically, it's about optimally reproducing the natural sound as it is stored in a good recording. As trivial as that sounds, it can be difficult in practice. Just as there are problems with any music recording, there are also problems with playback, especially if the loudspeakers are not optimally placed in the vehicle or other acoustic obstacles stand in the way of good sound reproduction. It is precisely with such problems that MUSWAY DSP amplifiers fully exploit their potential. All parameters can be set perfectly - and with such a high level of sound fidelity that was previously hardly thought possible.



The Technology

The German slogan “TECHNIK FOR KLANGBEGEISTERTE” (literally: “technology for sound enthusiasts”) is MUSWAY's program. This becomes particularly clear when you take a closer look at the hi-fi components of the power amplifiers, which are uncompromisingly geared towards high-end. Highly efficient Class D technology is used here, and each pair of channels can also be switched to mono, which makes it particularly easy to connect subwoofers. Even more important than function, however, is the sound: In countless listening sessions, the individual components have been finely tuned to one another so that even the most critical listeners get their money's worth. In the past, it was often the case that processor power amplifiers in particular had a high level of technical competence, but the sound fell by the wayside. Not so with the modern MUSWAY amplifiers: Here high functionality was combined with the highest sound quality. It doesn't matter whether simple factory loudspeakers are acoustically spiced up or whether, thanks to countless control options, everything is extracted from retrofitted, higher-quality loudspeakers. With the latter, the result is of course a lot better. Virtually any corrections can be clearly set via the DSP. Whether frequency correction, Q-factor, runtime, phase rotation or extensive crossover configurations, the ultimate in sound is only possible in this way. Anyone who is satisfied with less is clearly wrong here.



The Evolution

10 years of excellent technology for sound enthusiasts: In the early years, the MUSWAY brand stood for high-quality Hi-Res audio players for lossless music playback. Their success motivated the MUSWAY team to develop high-quality digital signal processors (DSP), the quality of which today highlights an important core competence of the brand. As a further consequence, the first Class D power amplifiers with DSP processors were created in 2015, which were presented to a broader international audience for the first time in 2018 and which were recognized as outstanding product innovations by Automechanika in the same year. The test editors of Car&Hifi also immediately discovered the potential of the MUSWAY DSP power amplifiers M6 and D8, which landed right away as "Best Product" in the "Top Class" and "Absolute Top Class" rankings of the magazine. After top test results and the "Product of the Year" award for the EIGHT100 as - quote: "The most powerful power amplifier in the world" - and the M12 as "12-channel DSP power amplifier of the superlative" also landed with the MG6.3A component system MUSWAY loudspeakers as "Product of Year” at the top of the Car&Hifi best list. From 2018, universal and model-specific loudspeaker series, subwoofers with and without boxes and a selected range of accessories will round off the range. The same applies here: every single component that makes its way into the MUSWAY portfolio finds, meets the best requirements for excellent music reproduction.