The waterproof special high-end damping material MW-FM 5.5 from Musway consists of a 5.5 mm thick sandwich composite made of 3 high-quality, thick materials plus additional fabric fleece. The first, 1.2 mm thick butyl layer ensures optimal adhesion and stabilization of sheet metal parts. The second layer of 2.8 mm thick special rubber eliminates residual noise in other frequency ranges. The third layer is again made of 1.5 mm thick butyl, which offers additional cushioning. The fourth layer is a special non-woven fabric, which provides additional damping and also serves as a top layer for e.g. door panels. The layer also further reduces direct touch noise. The set consists of a total of 7 mats, each measuring 500 mm x 700 mm (2,45 m2), which can be easily attached to the interior of the car. Noise reductions of up to -32dB are possible.


5,5 mm thick special sandwich damping material,

consisting of:

• Sound-absorbing fleece

• 1,2 mm Butyl

• 2,8 mm Rubber

• 1,5 mm Butyl

• 7 Mats à 500 mm x 700 mm (2,45 m2)

EUR 199,00

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