If standard subwoofer boxes are too big and bulky for you or if you don't have enough space in the spare wheel well, you'll now find what you're looking for in the Musway range with the new MF210A downfire boxes, which are only 15 cm high. With these new designs, the membranes are optimally protected because they radiate downwards in a way that is virtually invisible. At the same time, almost no storage space is lost in the trunk.


In order to be able to integrate a large 25 cm subwoofer into a small box, the Musway engineers use a clever trick: instead of a bass reflex tube, which takes up a lot of space and therefore valuable internal volume, they use a second, passive membrane in the MF210A boxes. This creates the same effect as a bass reflex tuning, but saves a lot of space and prevents unwanted flow noise. The passive membranes are made of high-strength fiberglass to withstand the internal pressure well and ensure perfect sound.


The sturdily designed MDF housings are covered with high-quality black carpet and fit harmoniously and discreetly into every vehicle interior. Furthermore, without exception, all models are equipped with Quick Connect sockets and can be connected easily by using an optional connection cable, for example, to the MUSWAY M6 and its Quick Connect port. Of course, the MUSWAY subwoofer systems can also be connected to conventional push-pin terminals.


25 cm (10") Subwoofer with passive radiator

Efficient Class D Mono Amplifier

1 x 400/800 Watts RMS/Max.

Efficiency up to 84%

LPF 40-120 Hz @ 12 dB

Phase Shift 0°/180°

Bass Boost 0-6dB @ 45Hz

RCA Low Level Input

High Level Input

Auto Turn-On Function (DC or signal)

Start-stop capable, 5 sec./ up to 7 Volts

EPS PRO with 10R / 150R / 600R (switchable)

Input Sensitivity 15 or 40 Volts (switchable)

Triple Limiter Function, Clipping LED

Bass Remote Controller

Dimensions: 34,5 x 70 x 15 cm


EUR 499,00

Manufacturer's suggested retail price, changes and mistakes reserved.