The new and very slim SUB1 system is equipped with a 15 x 20 cm special woofer and a real Class A/B amplifier. It has an aluminum cast heat sink with excellent cooling capabilities, which optimally cools down the integrated amplifier inside. Ideal for small cars, sport coupes and convertibles, the SUB1 find a place anywhere – under or behind the seat or in a storage compartment.


SUB1 EUR* 199,00


WITH 15 x 20 CM (6 x 8“) SUBWOOFER

Integrated Class A/B amplifier

1 x 100 Watts RMS, 1 x 200 Watts MAX

LP Crossover 50-150 Hz

Bass Boost 0-12dB @ 45 Hz

Subsonicfilter 20 Hz fixed

Phase Switch 0/180°, RCA Inputs

Auto Turn-On, High Level Inputs

Bass Remote Controller

Dimensions: 210 x 73 x 290 mm


Owner's Manual

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